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5 Ways to Generate More Web-Traffic to Your Site

Having a website as an online entry point for your business is a fantastic way to generate a new revenue stream for your company, whether you trade online or not. Just getting people to visit your site and find out more about what you do and what you have to offer can be difficult. Simply publishing a website for your company isn’t enough; you need to take some steps to help people find your site in the first place or to go searching for it.

If you have operated a website as a part of your business for a while and not seen an increase in web-traffic or revenue, then you may not be doing enough to get visitors to your site and start maximizing your revenue. Here are five ways for any business to generate more web traffic to their site and start bringing in the e-dollars.

• USE SOCIAL MEDIA The advent of social media has brought amazing opportunities for business promotion. By having a strong social media presence, you can connect with a local and global audience and create interest in your products and services. With the right piece of marketing, you might find yourself going viral and creating more sales leads than you know how to handle. Creating profiles for your business on sites like Facebook can also offer the chance to communicate with customers in real-time and let them meet each other online. This can generate lots of valuable customer feedback that will help you make informed marketing and product decisions. USE YOUR EMAIL MORE EFFECTIVELY When companies first began building websites online at the dawn of the internet, email was the only way they had to contact their customers and attempt to market to them. Very quickly consumers began to resent the constant email harassment and the word ‘spam’ was coined. Email has become the forgotten tool of promotion, as businesses have become wary of getting their marketing emails sent straight to a spam folder and never read. Now, clever marketers are using informational emails that offer blogs and storytelling as bait to bring the consumer to the site. Use email wisely and you will see an increase in traffic.

• GET LINKED UP Everyone must have had the experience of starting out reading one website and before you know it, you are somewhere else entirely. Having your website linked to others, and they to you is a mutually beneficial practice called link building that can bring you and a partner site extra business by sharing customers. You can even use cross-promotional special offers to help sell one another’s products. Linking to pages within your site is also a good idea; if a customer finds themselves looking at information on one aspect of your business, they may not be aware of the other things you have to offer, so be sure to link the different parts of your site together.

• CREATE A MARKETING STRATEGY Not enough businesses take the time to organize a proper online marketing strategy. You should look at all the tools you have at your disposal and see what else you can add in order to create a cohesive marketing goal for your company. Even small businesses can think big when using the internet to generate sales, and a clever marketing strategy can make a small company look big, just as the wrong one can make the biggest company seem small. Take the time to carefully plan and timetable a marketing push using email and blog content, and you could see a big increase in unique visitors and your pages being linked to sites across the web. Highly efficient strategy.

RECYCLE CONTENT It is good to recycle, and web content is no different. Whether an article or web page has been successful or not, it is good to analyze which elements worked best and try to use them in fresh posts. Using content to drive traffic is increasingly becoming every website’s go-to method of improving revenue, but the pressure of producing thousands of words of web content a day can be quite a trial. Coming up with relevant information to draw in consumers and make them click further can be streamlined by recycling older content from previous years and marketing pushes. A top ten list from 2015, for instance, can still have a lot of relevance in 2019, it will just need some careful editing to freshen it up rather than producing a full rewrite. No business should allow their website to fall behind and be lost to the backwoods of the internet. A company’s website should be a beacon guiding fresh sales to their shore and give consumers the opportunity to get to know them better and learn more about what the business has to offer them.

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