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Facebook For Small Business: 10 Essential Tips

So you finally decided to set up a Facebook page for your business, yay you! Did you make sure you set up an actual business page and not a personal profile page under your business name? Yes, there is a difference and it happens quite often.

10 Essential Tips For Your Facebook Business Page via @2DivasMarketing

By doing so, you miss on all the great marketing options Facebook has to offer. (To check and make sure you did it right see tip #2).

But after that, then what? below are the top 10 tips to make sure your business page gets noticed, liked, and turns your followers into customers:

1- Brand Identity

Your profile picture is what identifies your business every time you make a post. Your logo should be reflected on it. Your image should be in high resolution and size 170x170 px. Next, your cover photo needs to grab your followers attention. Upload a relevant image of what your business is about, high-resolution size 820x312px.

Facebook Image dimensions

2- Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile Page

From time to time we encounter a business page that is actually set up as a user profile page. There is a really easy way to find out if yours is right: A personal profile page requires people to send you a friend request, a correct business page does not.

Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile Page

3- Add a CTA button

Facebook has several options for your Call To Action (CTA), don’t waste the opportunity to make a sale or add traffic to your site by not having one. Some of the CTA options are: Shop now, Book now, Watch A Video, Sign Up. Choose the button that suits your purpose.

4- What To Post On Your Business Page

It all depends on your business or what you are trying to achieve with the post. Think about what your customers like, their frequently asked questions about your products or services and use that as a guide, but you don’t have to stop there.

You can keep consistent posts by doing some of these:

- An image with an inspirational quote

- Tips and advice

- How to videos

- Announce a new product or event

- Create a contest or giveaway

- Show photos of your staff or company milestones

- Funny memes or jokes related to your industry

Whatever you post, make sure you show your personality, keep it light and casual.

5- Filling out your About Section

The about section on your business page is your company overview, make it clear and simple. Look at similar business pages in your industry to get an idea of what to include. Use keywords, add your website URL and how you can be contacted.

6- How Often Should I Post On My Facebook Page?

According to Co-Schedule’s research you should post once per day. You can share posts from other sites, your own blog posts, a fact about a product, you can get as creative as you want. Just make sure to post consistently.

Facebook posts frequency

7- When Should I Post To My Facebook Page?

Research suggests the best time to post on Facebook is between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm try this to get started, then look at your Facebook Insights to see if the times are working for you.

Best time to post on Facebook

8- Pre-schedule Posts

We all have busy lives, pre-scheduling posts will free up your time and ensure your business page is always active. We use Hootsuite but you can also use the free feature on Facebook, to learn how to do that click here

How to pre-schedule posts on Facebook

9- Free Easy To Use Tools To Create A Post

Facebook followers respond better to visual posts. There are hundreds of free tools you can use to generate posts, below are the ones we use more often:

- For royalty free high-quality photos:



- For editing photos, adding text, files, cropping:



10- Getting Facebook Likes

Once you have your business page set up the way you like it, it’s time to get followers. The easiest way to do this is to invite your friends to like your page. You can also pay to promote one of your posts by creating a Facebook ad. Facebook allows you to start creating an ad from scratch based on your goals -- things like reach, traffic, or general brand awareness. Click the image below for step by step instructions.

Facebook Ads

Was this information helpful? Do you have other tips you want to share with our readers? Tell us in the comments below

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