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10 Social Media Hacks For Your Business [infographic]

Ready to get your business rocking on social media? Follow these 10 tips to optimize your marketing efforts.

10 Soacail Media Hacks For Your Business By @2DivasMarketing

1- Use High-Quality Images

1-Use High Quality Images

Use photos to your advantage, images get better engagement than text posts. Ensure that what you share with your followers is relevant to your brand identity.

2- Pre-Schedule Posts

You need to create a Social Media strategy based on what has been successful for you so far. Don’t get overwhelmed by posting last minute irrelevant content just for the sake of posting. Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, they have a free version that covers posting to most of the top social media networks and is super easy to use, we love it!

3- Use URL Shorteners

3-Use URL Shorteners

Shorten links by using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite. But, if you don’t want to venture into a scheduler, you have other choices. You can use a Free URL shortener like:

Google URL Shortener



4- Interact With Your Followers

4-Interact With Your Followers

They are called Social Media networks for a reason, don’t just share links all day. Like, comment, re-tweet, follow and answer questions users might have.

5- Post Consistently

5- Post Consistently

The more your audience hears from you, the more trust you’ll be able to build.

Know how often to publish on each platform and develop a posting schedule. (Need help? sign up for our newsletter to get our FREE Social Media Organizational bundle with image sizes, best times to post, and how often).

6- Measure And Analyze Your Metrics

6- Measure And Analyze Your Metrics

You need to measure your efforts and analyze the results.How else will you know whether or not anything you’re doing is working?

You should track your metrics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so you know when and if you need to make changes to your social media strategy.

7- Spy On Your Competitors

7- Spy On Your Competitors

Spy sounds a little stalkerish, but let’s be truthful, stalk is way creepier. Look for patterns in your competitors’ content, and test out similar content of your own (not the same, nobody likes a copy cat). Study the material they post, who they follow, how often they post, what times of the day, and what are their most popular posts to get a feel of what you should be doing.

8- Use Hashtags

8- Use Hashtags

Don’t just pull hashtags out of your #a$$. Do your homework and find trending hashtags related to your business. There will be times when you can throw your own # in the mix, but if you want more exposure, you need to follow the trends.

9- Create A Contest Or Giveaway

9- Create A Contest Or Giveaway

Want to get more followers and get them engaged with your brand? give away free stuff! You can host different kinds of contests or giveaways but remember to make them brand specific. Don’t give away generic prizes like an Amazon gift card, instead give away one of your products, after all, that is what you are promoting. To learn how to host a successful Instagram contest head on over to Sprout Social.

10- Post Your Content More Than Once

10- Post Your Content More Than Once

Remember not everyone is on the same time zone. It is ok to use the same post several times in a day, week or month depending on the social network. This will allow you to reach new followers. To make sure you don’t sound repetitive, you may want to re-word your headline a bit each time. This will also give you content to pre-schedule so you stay consistent and active.

To summarize all 10:

Infographic-10 Social Media Hacks For Your Business By @2DivasMarketing

Have you tried any of these tactics before? Share with us in the comments below!

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