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Marketing And Social Media Weekly Roundup

TGIF! This week’s roundup covers the importance of great looking design for your website, how to build a social media marketing plan for your business, how you can make your business stand out online with the right marketing plan, ways to boost your social media presence, and a great infographic to make it easy for you to optimize your site if you are selling products online.

Marketing and social media weekly roundup by @2DivasMarketing

The Top 5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Great Design

The top 5 reasons your small business needs great design

There are millions of sites on the web nowadays, so it’s important that your site stands out from the rest, looks professional and most of all looks great! They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but we all do it anyway. If we’re looking for a product, we google it, click on the top result and if the product is on a crappy looking site we get the hell out of dodge and move onto the next choice right? This article by CrewLabs explains the importance of great design.

• Branding: Good designs inspire confidence

• Conversion: Good design creates a good first impression

• Marketing: Good design sets you apart from the competition

• Sales: Good design helps you sell without being sales

• HR: Good design attracts like-minded employees

• Finances: Good design builds financial value

How to Build a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

How to build a successful social media marketing plan

Pierre de Braux from Social Media Examiner mentions you must have a well-planned marketing plan for your business to succeed. The article covers how to choose, pursue, and track your progress for four important social media marketing goals:

• How to identify the right goals for your business

• Increase brand awareness

• Drive traffic/leads

• Build a community

• Listen to your audience to discover their interests

Create a Standout Marketing Plan with These 3 Innovative Tips

Create a Standout Marketing Plan with These 3 Innovative Tips

Small Business Trends shares with us 3 useful tips (short and sweet):

• Stop copying everyone else

• Be an early adopter

• Do what others aren’t willing to do

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Exposure Using Social Media

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Exposure Using Social Media

Social Media Today gives us quick tips so you can get more exposure for your business via your social networks. (This is more for those of you who are writing content on a blog on your site).

1. Do your scheduling within Facebook and mention other pages in your posts (Tag them so they know you mention them).

2. Use Medium’s publications: Writing for a specific publication on Medium is a great way to get in front of more people on the platform.

3. Write for publications related to your niche that give shout outs on social

4. Tag the LinkedIn Editors in Tweets featuring your LinkedIn Pulse Articles

Free Social Media Organizational Bundle

5 Essential Features for a Successful E-commerce Website [Infographic]

Consumers want to know as much as possible about what they’re going to buy. That’s why focusing on in-depth, accurate products/services content can have a huge payoff. This infographic by MDG Advertising breaks it all down step by step:

5 Essential Features for a Successful E-commerce Website [Infographic]

Have you tried any of these tactics? share with us what’s worked for you!

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