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7 Easy Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

There are literally thousands of ways to market your small business out there, but lets focus on 10 to get you started.

7 Marketing Ideas For Small Busness

1- Marketing Plan

Create or update your Marketing Plan. The best way to get started is to lurk your competitors (creepy? maybe a little, but hey, that’s what the net is for, right?). See what they’re doing to promote their business, what’s popular and well accepted, then crush them by creating better promotions.

2- E-mail Marketing

Have a consistent newsletter schedule. If you send one e-mail twice a year… that is basically futile. Use the newsletter to introduce new services, products or sales, offer discounts, announce a contest, event or new staff member. Make sure to use a professional e-mail service like mailerlite or benchmark to send eye-catching newsletters that people will actually read. You can even include a meme linked to a product/service related to it, and don’t forget to Include an email sign up form on your website.

3- Social Media Marketing

Social Media Networks are the easiest way to reach a large audience. Update your business pages to match your brand and post consistently. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are the most popular ones. Don’t forget to list your business on Google Places if you have an actual store or office.

4- Advertising

Don’t just concentrate on digital marketing on Social Media. Advertise on the radio, newspaper, yellow pages, local tv, etc.

5- Networking

Ask for referrals on Linkedin and in person. Cross promote your services/products with other local businesses. Sponsor a local sports team. Donate your products/services to local fundraisers. Join your local chamber of commerce.

6- Contests and Promotions

Create a contest and promote on all your social media networks. Offer a coupon or discount. Give away a free gift with purchase or free a sample.

7- Advertising Materials

Update your business cards, maybe you changed your logo, colors or location. Send out flyers with new products/services, announcing an event or new website launch. Get stickers, magnets and other inexpensive promotional items with your business info.

Marketing Ideas Infographic

After you test these few ideas, you will realize what works best for you and will be able to fine tune your marketing efforts to make your small business soar.

Now your turn: Share a marketing idea with our readers that have been effective for you in the comments below.

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