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4 Ways To Master Your Small Business Marketing With Tips Turned Into Infographics

If you are anything like us, you get a ton of emails daily, you try to skim and sort through them and flag the ones you think will be worth reading, but by the end of the week you have so many that it just gets overwhelming!

Marketing & Social Media Tips

Don’t worry, we have read, tried and liked the best ones for you! Below you can save time by just looking at each of these great infographics from the best experts. From best times to post on social media networks, how to improve your website, tax deductions, and so much more. Ahhh so many tips!

1- Small Business Tax Deductions

There are so many deductions for self-employed people that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and shut down when trying to sort through them all. The result? Missed deductions. This infographic will give you a wide array of things you can deduct. For the full post visit Andi’s blog here.

Small Business Tax Deductions

2- How Often To Post On Social Media

Ah the eternal questions, which social media networks? how many times a day? what time is best?! This handy infographic will give you all the answers without having to read 3 pages of endless paragraphs! Unless of course, you are into that (Savage!). To read the full post visit Louise Myers blog here.

How Often To Post On Social Media Infographic
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3- 64 Small Business Tools To Prevent MARKETING MADNESS

Yaas! the title for this infographic is so on fleek! Too much advice out there, too many tools, what are they for? how do they work? Oh the choices! (We want to drink just thinking about it, actually, any excuse will do). Lucky for us, this infographic from Red Website Design is going to help sort through the madness, to read the full blog post click here.

Small Business Marketing Tools

4- 50 Essential Features for Every Small Business Website

The average person doesn’t know how the back end of a website works, what they should and shouldn’t have on a site, and because of it, they can’t relay what they need to the designer, ending up with a mediocre site (If you have a good designer, they should know what is best for your type of industry, from colors, to functionality to SEO, if you don't…Well my friend, we are afraid you are pretty much screwed!). That is why we are excited to share Boris Loukanov’s (say that 3 times real fast, ha!) infographic. This will highlight all the important areas you need to check off in the creation process. To read the full post click here.

What Every Small Business Website Should Have

What do you think? is your small business up to par? Leave your comments below

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