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5 Tips To Boost Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Creating a marketing plan for your business seem daunting? Well, it can be if you don’t know where to start. These 5 tips will get you going in the right direction.

Marketing Tips For Small Business

1- Website Re-Vamp. Your website is your digital presence, if your site looks like crap, people won’t even bother to look through your products or services. A nice, modern, easy to navigate and most importantly mobile friendly site is a must. Make sure to tell your designer to pay special attention to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your site ranks high when people search for your products or services.

2- Social Media Business Pages. You don’t have to be everywhere to market your business. You know your customer better than anyone else and know where they spend their time online. Be sure you set a business page vs a personal profile. We see a lot of small businesses that want to be your “friend”, ha! Are your accounts on brand? by that we mean: proper profile photo, cover photo, icons, bios and descriptions, and that they are consistent across all your social networks.

3- Create a Content Plan. You must make a schedule for posting to social media. Make sure it is relevant content and be consistent. Images work best for us, but they have to be sized correctly and be crisp, no one wants to see a blurry photo of your cupcakes! There are great social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Socialflow to name a few, depending on which social media profiles you use, not all of them handle all networks, but believe us, they are worth the investment. To check them out you can read about 12 great options here.

Hootsuite Social Media Management

4- E-Mail Marketing. Believe it or not, e-mail isn’t dead. According to research, most consumers rather get an email promoting a product/service/brand than seeing it pop up on social media or SMS. There are a lot of marketing email providers out there (like Benchmark, Mail Chimp, Mailerlite) and the best part is that they are free for up to a certain amount of subscribers! So don’t be afraid to try them out, make sure to add a subscription form on your site and schedule a newsletter to promote events, offer discounts or coupons or even share a tip on how to use your products or how to solve a problem.

5- Host a Contest or Giveaway. It is true that people love to sign up to win free s*ht, they will even like a Facebook page just to enter the contest. This tactic can get you tons of new followers! An easy way to get them to enter is to have them share or re-tweet your post to enter the contest, they will be automatically spreading the word about your brand and reaching far more people than just your fans.

Thanks to social media management tools, e-mail automation, and great photo editing apps, your marketing efforts will seem less daunting. Ensure you are sending the right message, to the right person at the right time. Ask your customers what they want to see more of on your posts, cater to their needs, answer all their questions, interaction is very important.

Free Marketing Tools For Your Business

We hope these 5 tips can help you take your business marketing campaign from blah to wow!

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