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Social Media And Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

This week's roundup covers digital business cards, facebook ads, mobile marketing trends and more.

Marketing & Social Media Weekly Roundup

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10 Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card via @smallbiztrends

Just about everything has gone digital, if you haven't yet, you must now. Handing over a business card to a new business lead is no different. It’s just a couple of clicks on your smart phone. In today’s tech-savvy world, there are apps that design, store and send digital business cards to other mobile devices.With digital business cards, you no longer need to scrounge around a drawer flodded with business cards to follow-up on a connection. These applications make it easier than ever to organize your connections.

10 Mistakes Newbies Make with Paid Facebook Ads via @Forbes

This article will help you avoid costly mistakes. As indicated by research gathered by Hubspot, Facebook ads revenue grew from just shy of $2 billion in 2010 to $12.5 billion, with advertisements on the well known social network platform representing "over 9% of aggregate digital advertisement spending and 18.4% of worldwide mobile digital advertising."

7 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Transforming Business via @JeffBullas

Digital Marketing changes faster than we can grasp it, we must keep up with it to understand the complexity of its evolution. Below are some of the points you will find in this article.

What should you do?

Here are the top things you need to do to master marketing in a world of constant change.

  1. Hire geeks that can read the data that allows you to keep iterating and adapting.

  2. Keep an eye on tools that use artificial intelligence.

  3. Master efficient paid digital advertising. Don’t pay for advertising unless you can measure it.

  4. Use automation to scale and manage the complexity.

  5. Keep learning. Continuous education is essential.

  6. Experiment and then implement what works.

  7. Stand out by telling stories.

So…….strap yourself in and keep creating, evolving, learning and reinventing. There is no other option.

5 Actionable Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing via Airheads Community

Mobile marketing has become an integral part of development and growth of businesses. The use of mobile phones has made it possible for businesses to maintain a good and effective online presence. The growth of mobile phones is increasing every year so not integrating mobile marketing into the marketing strategy is unwise.

If you want to make sure that you are able to make a mark in the tough industry then you need to make sure that you have an effective marketing strategy. This article will give you some useful tips for optimizing your mobile marketing strategy.

What Should My Business Post on Social Media? via @b2community

We are sure you hear it again and again –post frequently to your social media networks to leverage the power of your followers and create brand recognition on the web. Posting to social media is one thing, however posting strategically and the right content is another monster altogether. For the individuals who are uncertain what to post, this article gives some ideas that can get your creativity flowing.

Now your turn: Do you have any small business social media and marketing tips to share? tell us in the comments box below!

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