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The Truth About Free Websites vs Paid Websites

Why pay for a website when you can have one free?

Free vs Paid Websites

When you first start a business most budgets are spread very thin, so the idea of getting a free website sounds very attractive. You see all of those ads online, articles about how easy it is… until you attempt to do it. To begin with, let us clarify what "free" truly implies: A free website hosting is a free non-paid web hosting service, usually supports forced ads on subscriber's website for earning revenue. Free web-hosting that does not make use of advertising also exists; these often come with some limits on usage. Places like Wix, Weebly, and Wordpress all offer free hosting, you have to choose one of their free templates and customize to fit your brand and there are limitations of what you can do as well as always having visible ads. Also, when you build your website with these free website hosting services, your site gets a name such as yoursite.wix.com or yoursite.wordpress.com. You can't use your own domain name unless you pay for hosting, if that doesn't bother you then free hosting may be the right choice for you, but make sure you are aware of the following:

• Ads on your site are controlled by the web hosting company and you can't get rid of them unless you pay for a premium plan.

• There is no customer support available for free hosting, if something turns out badly with your site, well you're s*it out of luck.

• You can't use your own domain name.

• Low bandwidth and lower disk space, what this means is that your site will not load as fast as it should and you are limited to the number of images you can upload to customize your site since you don't get a lot of disk space.

• Free hosting won't last forever, it rarely happens but it does happen, the company can decide to do away with free hosting and you can lose your site (always good to back up your site so you keep all your information so you don't have to start from scratch), and don't panic, if the company decides to do that, they will send you a notification with plenty of time for you to upgrade to paid hosting, move it or at least back it up.

These places offer what they call "easy to build sites", but you still have to have an eye for design, know how the back end of a site works, and the ability to create custom graphics, otherwise your site will end up looking like a scrapbook project with broken links and no one wants that!

Have you ever built a free site or know someone who has? if you need help with your site contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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