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5 Incredibly Useful Articles For Small Businesses- Weekly Roundup

Once week we will be featuring articles from trusted experts about Social Media and Marketing for Small Businesses, in case you missed it.

We trust you are drinking a Margarita while you read this post, happy 5 de Mayo, salud!

Marketing & Social Media Roundup

6 Ways to Keep Social Media “Social" via business2community

Social media networks are meant for you and your brand to be…well social (Duh!) you need to connect with your followers, post consistently, and respond to their inquiries. What works best for us and some of our clients is being visual, you need to grab the follower’s attention and photos and graphics are very important.

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How to Legally Use Images in Your Social Media Marketing via @SMExaminer

Did you think you can just google an image and slap it on your Facebook to promote your business? that can get you in a lot of trouble! Most photos out there have a copyright. If you don’t have a budget to sign up for a stock photography membership, we recommend using these free sites where you can download images that are high quality and won’t get you in trouble for using them, but please do donate every once in a while to the people sharing such beautiful photos.

unspalsh.com and pixabay.com (you’re welcome).

How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps? via business2community

Hold up, whaaaat? Haven't you done this? shame on you! this is a must do, this is how customers will find you!

Don't sweat it, this article will show you the process step by step.

A Visual Guide to Social Media Etiquette via Rebekah Radice

Yes, there is such a thing, you can’t just post random stuff on social media for the sake of posting.

To wrap things up, this article was published last year, but we feel these are great ongoing ideas to promote your business when you're struggling to come up with new creative ways to share on social media.

6 Social Media and Marketing Ideas For Small Business via Small Business Trends

As a small business owner you know sometimes you're doing the work of 3 people and in turn, Social Media posting doesn't take a priority. In this article, you will find creative ways to promote your business, stay organized, prioritize, and still have time to add your 2 cents to your posts (it's important to add a bit of sassiness for your audience).

Now your turn: Do you have any small business social media and marketing tips to share? tell us in the comments box below!

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